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20 Best March Jokes


How do you know March is feeling happy? There’s a little spring in its step.

Why did March have an identity crisis? It couldn’t decide whether it’s winter or spring.

Why did March go to therapy? To deal with its mood swings.

What’s March’s favorite drink? Spring water.

Why was March jealous of May? Because April brought May flowers.

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Why was everyone so tired on April 1st? You’d be tired too if you’d just marches for 31 days straight.

What did April say to March? “Call me when you decide whether it’s still winter or spring.”

Why did March visit the doctor? It had spring fever.

What’s March’s favorite day of the week? Winds-day.

What’s March’s best magic trick? Making winter disappear.

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Why should you never start a conversation with pi?  Because it will go on forever.

What’s March’s favorite type of musical instrument? Wind instruments.

What did February say to March: “At least I’m consistent with my weather. What’s your excuse?”

What did June say to March: “Try warming up sometime, you might like it.”

Why did March open a savings account? It wanted to save some daylight.

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How does March break up with its girlfriend? “I think we need to thaw things out.”

What did February say to March: “Keep your 31 days; I achieve more in 28.”

What did April say to March? “I clean up the mess you leave behind.”

What did May say to March? “You tease them with spring; I deliver it.”

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