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Cracking Bumble's Algorithm to Boost Your Profile Visibility


Tired of getting few likes or matches on Bumble?

Then look no further than Bumble’s algorithm.

The Algorithm is to Blame

If you’re feeling like Bumble’s algorithm isn’t working in your favor, you’re probably right.

Bumble uses an algorithm that ranks profiles by attractiveness and shows certain profiles more often than others.

There’s a good chance Bumble’s algorithm isn’t being too kind to you.

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Make Bumble’s Algorithm Work FOR You

Knowing how Bumble’s algorithm works is key to boosting your profile visibility so you can get seen by more other users, and ultimately so you can get more likes and matches.

When you optimize your profile to work with Bumble’s algorithm, you can adjust your profile’s ranking in the app and be seen by more people.

What that means is you essentially reset Bumble’s algorithm’s rating for your profile and give yourself a fresh start on the app.

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So, let’s dive into the world of Bumble and unlock your full potential on the app.

How Bumble’s Algorithm Works

Bumble’s algorithm aims to create meaningful and genuine connections for its users.

But Bumble also has another goal: to show attractive profiles to more users.

That way, Bumble users think the app is full of hotties — or, in other words, high-quality potential matches.

Bumble’s algorithm processes data from users’ swiping behavior and matching.

When users swipe right or left on profiles, they express their interest or disinterest in potential matches.

Bumble takes these swipes into account in order to figure out who’s hot and who’s not.

The app assigns each profile a base score based on its popularity with other users.

The more right swipes a profile receives, the higher its score.

The role of swiping data in how Bumble’s algorithm treats your profile becomes more refined as users continue to interact with you on the app.

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The Elo Rating System

The Elo rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in zero-sum games like chess.

That fancy-sounding mathematical formula?

That’s right — it’s what Bumble uses to rank users’ profiles.

That’s the Bumble Elo score. Every profile on Bumble has one.

The Elo Score System on Bumble

The Elo rating system provides a way to rank users and determine status and compatibility based on skill and past performance.

In the context of Bumble’s algorithm, the Elo rating system helps to determine the likelihood of a successful match between users based on their swiping behaviors and the quality of their profiles.

The higher the Elo rating, the more likely a user is to be shown to potential matches with a similar rating.

The idea here is that users with similar preferences and attractiveness levels are more likely to be shown to each other on Bumble.

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Desirability and Popularity

Bumble’s algorithm directly quantifies your desirability and popularity among users when determining whom to show your profile to.

To increase your chances of being shown to more people on the app, you’ll need to craft an appealing and unique profile.

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Optimizing Your Bumble Profile for the Algorithm

If you want Bumble’s algorithm to deem your profile to be more attractive, so you’ll be shown to more users, then you’ll need to create a more attractive profile.

That means using better photos, having a better bio, and writing better profile prompts.

Improving Your Profile Pictures

If you want to boost your visibility on Bumble, then you’ll need to be using your very best photos.

On Bumble, photos matter a lot, and Bumble’s algorithm learns from how other users engage with your profile pictures.

Your first profile picture needs to be outstanding. It should be a high-quality image with good lighting and show either your upper body or full body clearly, with a flattering facial expression.

Your other photos should show your hobbies, interests, style, travels, pets, or social life.

To discover your best photos to use on Bumble, try our dating photo analyzer.

Writing a Good Bio and Answering Prompts Creatively

A Bumble profile includes a short bio and a few prompts.

Write a Bio the Algorithm Will Love

A strong Bumble bio will make you stand out, get more swipes right, and boost your place through a better algorithm rank.

In your bio, keep it short and sweet, just 1-2 sentences long.

Consider sharing an engaging question or fun fact about yourself or just say what you’re looking for in a relationship or partner.

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Write Profile Prompts That Spark Interest

Bumble profile prompts complement your bio to spark conversation.

Choose 2-3 prompts that allow you to write about interests, personality, lifestyle, life experiences, or relationship goals.

In your prompt answers, mention activities you enjoy participating in, as these can serve as conversation starters for potential matches.

When answering prompts, be as unique and vivid as possible. Personalize your prompt answers by sharing personal stories.

Use humor where you can to get more likes, and try to connect your prompt answers to your profile pictures to create a cohesive story of who you are.

On Bumble, your photos, bio, and prompts should work together.

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Have a Professional Write Your Bio & Prompts

To have a professional Bumble profile writer write your bio and prompts for you, check out our dating profile writing service and select the Bumble app icon to get started.

Swipe Smarter on Bumble (The Algorithm Will Notice)

You’ll also need to be mindful of your swiping habits.

Swiping right too often or on every profile may negatively impact your Bumble Elo rating.

Bumble’s algorithm prefers users who are more selective with their swipes, as it indicates a higher level of genuine interest in the profiles encountered.

Swiping right on high-quality profiles and receiving swipes in return can improve your ranking within the algorithm, leading to more frequent and attractive matches.

Being selective with your likes and swiping right only on users who genuinely interest you can improve your chances of being shown to potential matches.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bumble’s Algorithm

What factors influence Bumble’s matching system?

Bumble’s algorithm considers several factors when suggesting matches, such as your attractiveness, location, age preference, and user activity.

The app also prioritizes users who have already swiped right on your profile, increasing the likelihood of a match.

How does Bumble rank profiles in the swiping queue?

Profiles in the swiping queue are influenced by factors such as user popularity and swipe history using the Elo rating system.

Bumble showcases new users and users who frequently receive right-swipes.

Do your swipes impact future match suggestions?

Your swiping choices can influence match suggestions, as the algorithm learns from your preferences and behavior.

Swiping right on profiles with similar characteristics to those you’ve shown interest in increases the chance of receiving matches with similar qualities.

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How can I improve my visibility to others on Bumble?

Improving your visibility on Bumble requires an engaging and intriguing profile.

High-quality photos, a well-written bio, and catchy prompt responses to messages are essential.

Completing your profile with details about your occupation, education, and personal interests further enhances your appeal.

What is the impact of resetting your profile on the algorithm?

Resetting your profile can give you a chance to start fresh and potentially improve your visibility to others.

However, frequent resets can be counterproductive and may lead to negative consequences, such as the algorithm de-prioritizing your profile.

It’s better to focus on optimizing your current profile and engaging well with other users to achieve better matching results.

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