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Hinge Standouts: What Are They & How to Become One

Hinge Standouts: What Are They & How to Become One

Hinge Standouts are the hotties of Hinge.

Basically, your Standouts are the most popular users in your area. They’re people whose profiles are getting tons of likes.

But there’s more to it than that.

Here’s what you need to know about Hinge Standouts and how you can become one.

4 Things to Know About Hinge Standouts

1. What Are Standouts on Hinge?

Hinge Standouts are a special feature within the Hinge dating app.

In Standouts, you’ll see a list of popular user profiles who are getting the most attention in your area.

These profiles featured within your Standouts deck are considered by Hinge’s algorithm to be highly attractive people who are getting many likes from other people in your area.

That’s why it’s likely that you’ll find your Standouts to be very attractive on average.

Essentially, Hinge Standouts are the hotties of Hinge.

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2. How Do You See Your Standouts?

By tapping the star icon on the bottom navigation bar on Hinge, you can see your customized Standouts feed and scroll through the profiles in it.

Each day, Hinge tailors your Standouts to fit your own unique dating preferences, making it easier for you to find potential matches you’ll be highly interested in.

By understanding how Standouts work and knowing that the people you see in your Standouts are in high demand and potentially more compatible with you, you can improve your overall experience on Hinge and focus on the types of people you’re most interested in dating.

3. How Do Hinge Standouts Work?

By focusing on your Standouts and prioritizing them over other potential matches, you can save time and increase your chances of finding the right match.

It’s important to note that these Standouts profiles are people in high demand. They have a lot of people sending them likes.

So, it tends to be harder to match with Standouts, as so many other users are competing for their attention.

To express your interest in a Standout profile, you have the option to send them a rose.

Keep in mind that you only have one free rose per week unless you’re using a premium plan like Hinge Preferred.

Sending a rose to a Standout increases your chances of being noticed, as it bumps your profile to the top of their “Likes” queue.

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If the person you send a rose to is interested in you back, then they can accept your rose and form a match with you.

If that happens, then it’s time to send them a good opener to get the conversation going.

While sending a rose is a great way to get noticed by your Standouts, it doesn’t guarantee mutual interest of course. It’s still up to the other person to decide if they want to match with you and start a conversation.

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4. How Does Hinge Choose Standouts?

The Standouts algorithm on Hinge takes into account a ton of factors to determine which profiles to pick as your Standouts.

The main two factors Hinge considers in choosing Standouts are (1) which profiles are getting the most likes in your area and (2) how you personally have behaved on Hinge in the past and what dating preferences you have.

The algorithm also considers mutual dealbreakers and each user’s recent activity on the Hinge app.

How to Become a Standout on Hinge

If you want to become a Hinge Standout yourself, know that it’s not easy to do. But it’s worth shooting for.

Becoming a Standout is all about two things: your profile and your compatibility.

Making Your Hinge Profile Standout-Worthy

To get on Hinge Standouts, you’ll need to have an impressive profile that catches the attention of other users and intrigues them to send you likes.

There’s no other way to do it — Creating a strong profile is absolutely key for becoming a Standout on Hinge.

This means writing crafting clever answers to your prompts and selecting six high-quality photos.

To have a professional Hinge profile writer write your prompts for you, check out our dating profile writing service and select the Hinge app icon to get started.

To find out your best six photos to use on Hinge, try our dating photo analyzer.

How to Be More Compatible on Hinge

Compatibility lies at the core of Hinge’s algorithm and how Hinge matches users, suggests potential matches each day, chooses Standouts, and much more.

Hinge uses an algorithm to determine compatibility between users, meaning that it estimates how well you would connect with someone else on the app who meets your preferences.

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By following the following tips, you can increase your chances of being deemed compatible and becoming a Standout on Hinge:

  • Be honest about your interests and preferences when creating your profile, as these bits of information will influence what Hinge deems to be your compatibility with other users.
  • Use Hinge regularly to show the app that you’re active, including by liking on other users’ profiles and having conversations with matches.
  • Make sure your preferences and dealbreakers are set accurately and authentically to help Hinge’s algorithm understand what exactly you’re looking for in a partner.
  • Actively send messages and roses to give Hinge more data to understand your compatibility with other users.
  • When Hinge asks you if you’ve met up with a match and wants to know how the date went, let Hinge know honestly your feedback. It’s private, so your match will never know what you say.

By following the advice above, you can increase your profile’s visibility and compatibility ratings on Hinge, increasing your chances of becoming a Standout.

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Are Hinge Standouts Mutual?

Hinge Standouts are not mutual.

Here’s what that means — just because someone shows up on your Standouts feed doesn’t mean you’re showing up in their Standouts feed.

When you come across a Hinge Standout, it’s also important to know that this person is not necessarily a mutual match or even a good match for you.

The Standouts section simply highlights profiles that are receiving a lot of attention and that the app’s algorithm considers a good match for you. At the end of the day, Hinge’s algorithm is not perfect.

Do Hinge Standouts Show up in Regular Discover Feed?

The answer is not so straightforward.

While it is possible for a profile to appear both in Standouts and Discover feeds, it is not a definite.

In fact, the list of profiles shown as your Standouts refreshes daily, so the Standouts you see today will not be your Standouts tomorrow. They may appear in your Discover feed on another day, though that’s not guaranteed.

There will be some overlap between who’s showing up as your Standouts and in your Discover feed, but on the whole, very few of your Standouts will also show up in your regular Discover feed.

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Want Help Creating a Great Hinge Profile?

The better your profile is, the higher your chance of becoming a standout on Hinge.

And the higher your chance of attracting better matches.

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