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How to Answer the ‘My Simple Pleasures’ Hinge Prompt


Hinge is all about creating meaningful relationships between users, focusing on compatibility in what interests people have.

That’s why “My simple pleasures” is one of the best Hinge prompts.

Understanding the ‘My Simple Pleasures’ Hinge Prompt

This prompt focuses on the little things you enjoy in life. Your answer to this prompt can give potential partners an idea of what lights you up and what types of things you might do in your free time together.

It’s a wholesome prompt that works best when it shows your capacity to find joy in the mundane.

When you write an answer that’s straightforward and authentic, it can bump your profile up and make you a more appealing match.

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Some answers to this prompt thrive by showing joy in everyday moments we all share, like rainstorms, farmers markets, sunset hikes, or the smell of fresh coffee.

Other answers shine in highlighting a person’s niche interests or hobbies that highlight the more unique aspects of their personality, character, and lifestyle.

Whether by helping you find common ground or making you seem intriguing, sharing vivid simple pleasures on Hinge is a good way to craft your profile to help start conversation with matches.

5 Best Ways to Answer the My Simple Pleasures’ Prompt on Hinge

Here are some tips for writing a great answer to the ‘My simple pleasures’ Hinge prompt.

1. Reflect on your joys

Take a moment to think about simple things that make you happy—these could be anything from enjoying a sunny day at the park to savoring a cup of your favorite tea.

The more unique, the better.

For example, if you work in tech, you could write the following example prompt answer:

My simple pleasures:

Writing a beautiful line of code that makes an app go live onto millions of phones

The key is to mention something that genuinely makes you feel good, exuding positivity and giving potential matches a glimpse into your personality and mind.

If you’re a foodie, you can write a prompt answer like:

My simple pleasures:

Sampling the spiciest dish at every restaurant I visit (and usually regretting it later)

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2. Make each word count

The key to answering this prompt is thoughtful word choice.

Your words should be a tool for creating an emotional response for those reading your profile.

You should use vivid language and avoid redundant words.

Make each word count and add something valuable to your prompt answer.

3. Be brutally honest

The essence of this Hinge prompt lies in authenticity.

Avoid exaggerating or making false claims — instead, choose relatable pleasures that truthfully represent what you like.

This will help create genuine connections through truly shared interests and values.

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4. Get creative

Lots of people on Hinge write about the simple pleasures of a good hike and watching the sunset.

That’s not necessarily a problem if you want to mention these things in your prompt answer.

But as a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to say something more unique, original, and creative. Say something other users on Hinge probably haven’t seen before.

In fact, you can write about generic pleasures like hiking and sunsets in a creative way to make these joys sound more unique and memorable.

Use descriptive language, wordplay, or a bit of humor to give your response a unique edge that distinguishes you from other profiles.

For example, here’s how you can write a good “My simple pleasures” prompt answer about hiking and sunsets in a punchy, vivid, creative way:

Trekking through unpaved forest ground and seeing orange kiss of a sun’s descent in the distance


Starting the day exploring new trails surrounded by flowing streams; ending the day with a dinner on the beach, soaking in the sunset’s golden glow

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5. Throw in some humor

If you can make your “My simple pleasures” prompt answer funny, then that’ll help strengthen it monumentally.

A sense of humor is attractive, and laughter is a form of pleasure. Simple pleasure, in fact.

Think about the simple pleasures in your life that naturally bring a playful smile to your face.

These could be quirky habits, guilty pleasures, or small moments that you find amusing. 

When crafting a funny response, consider using wordplay, puns, or a clever twist on a familiar saying or phrase.

Writing about the joy of having a pet is a good way to write a funny answer about your simple pleasures.

For example, a good funny prompt answer could be:

My simple pleasures:

Seeing my cat jump across the room and nail the landing, with a look of surprise on his face


When my dog sneezes or licks my face – anything that’d be gross from another human, I love from him

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Using Interests and Hobbies in Your Prompt Answer

When crafting a response to the “My simple pleasures” prompt, you’ll want to think about how you can incorporate your interests and hobbies to make your answer more unique, vivid, and engaging.

By including your passions, you can showcase your personality and give potential matches a glimpse into your lifestyle.

Think about your hobbies, like cooking, traveling, playing sports, hiking, artistic pursuits, entertainment you like, gaming, and so on.

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Consider the moments when you’re immersed in these activities and let yourself feel the simple pleasures that bring you joy. Now, give names to the emotions and feelings that come to mind.

See where these come from. For instance, if you love cooking, you could mention the satisfaction of perfecting a new recipe or the aroma of freshly baked bread filling your home.

Once you’ve identified the exact kind of pleasures you get from your hobbies and interests, and you know what aspect of the activity brings that pleasure, work on framing these pleasures in a way that’s concise yet informative.

For example:

My simple pleasures:

include browsing farmers markets for rare ingredients, improvising a storm in the kitchen, and hoping my concoctions taste as good as they smell

Creating a Unique and Original Response

The best Hinge prompt answers are unique and say something original.

That makes them memorable.

Get quirky

Focus on your most quirky and engaging experiences.

Write a sentence or two about those unique moments that bring you joy, excitement, or relaxation.

Let your distinct qualities pique the curiosity of your potential match.

Examples of unique simple pleasures:

Guessing the exact moment the microwave timer will reach zero and hitting ‘stop’ without looking

Popping bubble wrap just for the satisfying sensation

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Be relatable

It’s essential to provide relatable details so your quirkiness still clicks with a stranger.

Share information about the context, the emotions, or the sensations associated with your simple pleasure.

This makes your response more genuine and appealing, allowing the person reading your profile to imagine themselves in that situation, creating a connection.

Examples of relatable details in describing simple pleasures:

The soft crunch of leaves under your feet during a serene autumn walk

The feeling of achievement when you complete a challenging puzzle

The aroma of freshly baked cookies filling your home

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How NOT to Answer the ‘My Simple Pleasures’ Prompt

DON’T: Write Generic Responses

Avoid generic answers that blend in with all the other boring profiles on Hinge.

Remember, your goal is to catch the attention of potential matches and showcase your personality.

Instead of opting for cliché responses like “enjoying a cup of coffee” or “watching a movie,” dig deep and think about the unique or uncommon simple pleasures that truly make you happy.

Play up original joys and use creative writing to make your prompt response pop.

DON’T: Write One-Word Answers

While you want to keep your response brief, you need to provide enough information to make your response memorable and vivid.

Instead of just saying “hiking,” for example, consider explaining, “the feeling of achievement after challenging myself to a steep hiking trail.”

DON’T: Put Forth Controversial Opinions

This prompt is about highlighting the little things that make you happy, not starting a debate.

Stick to positive and light-hearted answers that reflect the joyful aspects of your life.

Steering clear of potentially divisive topics like politics and religion will help keep the tone friendly.

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More Example Answers to the ‘My Simple Pleasures’ Hinge Prompt

Successfully opening a jar of pickles without seeking help from a neighbor or a sledgehammer

Listening to the sound of rain while curled up with a good book 

Losing track of time while stargazing, planting herbs in my garden, brewing fresh coffee on a rainy morning

Parallel parking on the first try. It’s like winning a tiny, vehicular victory dance-off.

Peeling the protective plastic off new electronics. It’s like unwrapping a high-tech Christmas gift every time.

Discovering a new, hole-in-the-wall coffee shop

Watching the progress bar during software updates, hoping it finishes before I lose patience and start a Netflix series instead

Perfectly peeling a clementine in one go

The satisfaction of popping bubble wrap. It’s like a mini fireworks show for your fingers.

Sneaking snacks into the movie theater, pretending I’m a secret agent smuggling contraband candy

A warm cup of tea on a rainy day, curled up with a good book and a cozy blanket

A leisurely morning walk, especially when I see the sunrise or a neighborhood dog

Cooking a new recipe, even if it takes a few tries to get it right

Going for a run in the crisp morning air

The feeling of finishing a challenging crossword puzzle, especially when I fill in that last word

Discovering a hidden gem of a cafe, where I can people-watch

Watching dogs try to catch their tails

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What a Good ‘My Simple Pleasures’ Answer Can Achieve

A good “My simple pleasures” answer will showcase you’re a bit of your personality and interests to potential matches.

It’ll give others a glimpse into your daily life and what brings you joy.

It’ll help you connect with like-minded people who resonate with your perspective.

When answering this prompt, you’ll want to think about the everyday activities or experiences that make you happy without much effort.

From enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning, to taking a walk in nature, to cuddling a dog, think about the mundane things that light you up effortlessly.

Creative writing can go a long way in sharpening your prompt response.

Experimenting with a variety of formatting options like bullet points, semicolons, and parallel structure can add pizzazz to your answer and show character beyond the words you say.

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