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15 Best Mario Jokes

What is Mario’s favorite musical? Mamma Mia.

What happened to Mario’s cart when he parked illegally? It got toad.

What is Mario’s favorite brand of chocolate milk? Yoo-hoo!

Why did Mario cross the road? To get to the other pipe.

Why did Mario go to therapy? Because he couldn’t get over his fear of Boo.

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What type of pants does Mario wear? Denim denim denim.

What does Mario use to contact his dead relatives? A Luigi board.

Why does Mario always get invited to parties? Because he’s a fungi.

Why did Mario become a plumber? Because he couldn’t pipe down.

Why did Mario get a smartphone? To download the latest app-a.

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Why does Mario sprinkle sugar on his pillow before he sleeps? To have sweet dreams.

What’s Mario’s favorite dessert? Peach cobbler.

Why was Mario always calm? Because he had lots of 1-UPs.

Why was Mario afraid of the internet? Too many Trolls in the comments.

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