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25 Best May Jokes


What does May steep its tea in? Spring water.

What’s May’s favorite type of music? Heavy petal.

What’s May’s favorite type of investment? Seed funds.

Which month can never make up its mind? MAYbe.

How do you know May is happy? It has a spring in its step.

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Why did May start a therapy group? To help flowers deal with their budding issues.

What did March say to May? “You might bring May flowers, but I bring spring break.”

What did January say to May? “I bring snow, you bring flowers. Guess who wins?”

Why did May refuse to play cards with April? It was tired of dealing with April’s showers.

What’s May’s favorite generation? Bloomers.

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How does May keep its garden neat? With a lot of thyme and effort.

How does May write its emails? With lots of flowery language.

Why did May see a therapist? To talk about its growing sense of bloom.

What did October say to May? “Your flowers are nothing compared to my foliage.”

What did December say to May? “Ever seen a Christmas tree bloom? Didn’t think so.”

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What’s May’s favorite kind of math? Adding sun and subtracting rain.

Why does May love clocks? Because it enjoys watching time spring forward.

What’s May’s favorite breakfast? Oats with a drizzle of morning dew.

What did October say to May? “Pumpkins beat petunias any day.”

What did March say to May? “Keep your blossoms; I’ll keep my madness.”

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