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25 Best Tuesday Jokes


Funny Tuesday Jokes:

Why did Tuesday go to therapy? It had a lingering case of the Mondays.

Why is Tuesday the most optimistic day? It still believes the week will get better.

Why was Tuesday mad at the clock? It ticked off the whole day.

What do you call a Tuesday with no work? A snooze-day.

Why did Tuesday break up with Monday? It wanted a fresh start.

What’s Tuesday’s favorite drink? A cup of positivi-tea.

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Why was Tuesday a good detective? It always followed Monday’s leads.

Why was Tuesday a good gardener? It knew how to turn over a new leaf.

How does Tuesday stay in shape? By running from Monday.

Why was Tuesday a good chef? It always served up a slice of the week.

How does Tuesday stay invisible? By blending in between Monday and Wednesday.

What’s Tuesday’s favorite dance? The Time Warp (it’s just a jump from Monday).

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How does Tuesday avoid drama? By being in the middle of the week.

How does Tuesday stay mysterious? By being the day everyone forgets about.

Why is Tuesday like a chameleon? It changes its mood depending on the week.

Tuesday Jokes for Work:

Why do employees love Tuesdays? It’s one day closer to Friday.

What did the boss say on Tuesday? “Let’s taco ’bout productivity.”

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How do you motivate your team on Tuesday? Tell them it’s not Monday.

What did the stapler say on Tuesday? “We’re one day in, let’s keep it together, team.”

What’s the best way to start a Tuesday meeting? With a “Happy Not-Monday” greeting.

Why is Tuesday the best day for brainstorming? Ideas are fresher than Monday’s leftovers.

How do you know it’s Tuesday at work? The coffee is stronger and the smiles are dimmer.

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What did the Tuesday memo say? “Keep calm and carry on – it’s only Tuesday.”

Why did the employee bring a ladder to work on Tuesday? To reach the unrealistically high expectations.

What’s the best thing about Tuesday at work? It’s one day closer to Casual Friday.

Why is the office plant so popular on Tuesdays? It was the only thing not asking for reports.

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