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10 Best Hinge Prompts & How to Answer Them

When you create a Hinge profile, you need to select and answer three prompts.

And those prompts can make or break your profile.


Hinge offers hundreds of possible prompts to choose from.

According to research by our team here at The Match Lab, the 10 best Hinge prompts to use are:

  1. Two truths and a lie
  2. The Hallmark of a Good Relationship Is
  3. My Biggest Date Fail
  4. A Shower Thought I Recently Had
  5. My Most Irrational Fear
  6. My Simple Pleasures
  7. Typical Sunday
  8. A Life Goal of Mine
  9. Best Travel Story
  10. Together We Could

The 10 Best Hinge Prompts and How to Answer Them

1. Two Truths and a Lie

The “Two Truths and a Lie” prompt on Hinge is a fun and intriguing way to showcase some your personality, lifestyle, interests, and experiences.

To answer this prompt, list three statements about yourself. Make two of the statements true and one of them is false.

Try to make the statements unique and engaging to pique the interest of potential matches.

Your false statement should blend in with the true ones, making it tough for someone to guess which one is the false one and which two are true.

Here’s an example of a two truths and a lie to use as a prompt response:

I’ve climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, my favorite color is turquoise, I speak four languages fluently.

The Two truths and a lie prompt makes for one of the best conversation starters on Hinge and is definitely worth using in your profile.

2. The Hallmark of a Good Relationship Is

“The Hallmark of a Good Relationship Is” prompt is the best Hinge prompt for those looking for a serious long-term partner.

This prompt allows you to show your emotionally intelligent side by expressing what you find meaningful in a relationship.

It also allows you to combine that serious side with playfulness.

For example, you could answer this prompt by writing:

Physical touch, open communication, and a text chat overflowing with affectionate GIFs

You can use this prompt to be direct and open about what you want in a partner.

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3. My Biggest Date Fail

Hinge’s “My Biggest Date Fail” prompt allows you to reveal a lighthearted, self-deprecating story that potential matches can relate to.

Sharing a funny, embarrassing dating experience can make you appear more approachable and down-to-earth.

Here’s an example prompt response:

I accidentally spilled an entire glass of red wine on my date’s white dress. She was surprisingly cool about it.

Make sure to keep the tone light and avoid sharing anything too cringeworthy or uncomfortable.

Sharing a date fail can show a bit of vulnerability and humanize you, making you seem fun and easygoing.

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4. A Shower Thought I Recently Had

“A Shower Thought I Recently Had” is one of the best prompts for showcasing your creative side.

This prompt gives an opportunity to share an unexpected insight or intriguing thought you’ve had.

For example, an answer to this prompt could say:

If time travel was made possible, there would already be tourists from the future visiting us.

The goal is to spark a conversation and demonstrate your ability to think outside the box and be open-minded.

This prompt is especially ideal for people looking for intellectually stimulating conversations on Hinge.

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5. My Most Irrational Fear

Hinge’s “My Most Irrational Fear” prompt shows your quirky side.

This prompt allows you to reveal an eccentric or unusual fear, which can help humanize you and make your profile more relatable.

Share an irrational fear and get your potential match to share theirs, which could lead to a fun conversation about phobias.

For example, you could answer this prompt by saying:

Escalators. I imagine getting my shoelace getting stuck in one, and it sucks me in. I’m team elevators all the way.

The key here is to be open and to say something embarrassing.

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6. My Simple Pleasures

The “My Simple Pleasures” prompt is a classic.

It’s one of the most popular prompts on Hinge because it does such a good job at telling people about what you’re into.

Share some of the uncomplicated joys in your life, giving a glimpse of your personality and values.

This prompt is great at helping you and a match bond over shared interests or discover new things to explore.

Here’s an example prompt response:

Hot tea on a Saturday morning, a long walk through the woods before sunset, and volunteering with puppies at the local shelter.

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7. Typical Sunday

The “Typical Sunday” Hinge prompt offers a glimpse into your life and what you fill your leisure time with.

How you answer this prompt provides potential matches with insights into what you two might do together on weekends if you were to date.

Whether it’s dedicating time to hobbies, seeing family or friends, or practicing self-care, your answer to this prompt can tell a lot about what you value.

The “Typical Sunday” prompt is also excellent for starting conversations with a match, as someone can relate to shared interests or ask you about your lifestyle further.

An example answer to this prompt is:

Start the day with a hike, try a new brunch spot with friends, and then cozy up with a book in hand and my dog by my side

8. A Life Goal of Mine

“A Life Goal of Mine” is one of the best prompts for giving potential matches a glimpse into your ambitious side.

It’s a great conversation starter prompt because it can open up a broader conversation about where you see yourself going in life and what you spend your time on now.

Sharing personal goals also fosters an emotional connection with potential matches, expresses vulnerability and openness, and shows that you think long-term.

The key to answering this prompt is to be authentic, be passionate, and focus on personal growth.

Whether it’s learning a new skill, overcoming a fear, or achieving a significant milestone, demonstrate a commitment to becoming a better version of yourself and/or helping the world.

Two example answers to this prompt are:

Travel to all 50 states (23 down, 27 to go!)

Found a center dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and destigmatizing mental illnesses

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9. Best Travel Story

The “Best Travel Story” Hinge prompt is perfect for showing your sense of adventure and drive to explore the world beyond where you live.

It showcases curiosity and openness to new experiences, which can be attractive traits.

Sharing a travel story can also spark feelings of closeness with others who have visited the same destination or experienced similar types of trips.

Depending on what story you share, you can reveal core parts of your personality, such as your sense of humor, resilience in navigating challenges, or appreciation for different cultures.

Select a travel story that stands out as a particularly memorable or transformative experience.

Share something unique. Whether it was a spontaneous adventure, a heartwarming encounter with locals, a trip gone wrong, or an awe-inspiring natural wonder, make sure the story evokes an emotional response.

An example answer to this prompt is:

Getting lost while backpacking through Iceland and learning how to forage for food without poisoning myself

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10. Together, We Could

Hinge’s “Together, We Could” prompt encourages you and a potential match to envision a future together, putting you both into a mindset of gauging compatibility.

It serves as a powerful conversation starter to explore the potential of a relationship.

Sharing relationship goals and dreams shows openness to vulnerability and a look toward the future, which can foster a deeper connection and sense of trust between potential matches.

The way you answer this prompt can also provide insight into what you look for in a partner and a relationship, as well as what activities are on your to-do list.

A key in answering this prompt is to highlight interests or goals that you would like to pursue with a partner, like traveling to specific places, learning new skills, or volunteering for a cause.

An example answer to this prompt is:

Polish our cooking skills, be epically doubles teams in any racket sport, and support each other as we chase our goals 

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Tips for Writing Good Hinge Prompt Answers

Even the best Hinge prompts won’t get you very far if you write weak answers to them.

When crafting your prompt answers, keep these strategies in mind to make your profile stand out and attract more likes and matches.

Humor and Funny Answers

Injecting humor and wit into your Hinge prompt answers is a great way to showcase your personality and make a memorable impression.

Clever, funny responses can be a conversation starter and show that you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Use puns, wordplay, and unexpected twists to keep your answers engaging and lighthearted.

Here are some examples of funny Hinge prompt answers:

Best travel story … I tried to impress a penguin by doing the moonwalk on an Antarctic expedition. Safe to say, the penguin was not amused.

My simple pleasures … watching dogs try to catch their tails.

Together we could … try to find the first date spot with the least probability of running into someone we know.

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Show Vulnerability and Honesty

Being honest and vulnerable in your prompt answers can help you connect on a deeper level with potential matches.

Share your passions, hobbies, and personal experiences that have shaped you. Be sincere and genuine in your responses.

Remember to maintain a balance, though, between vulnerability and oversharing.

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Plant Conversation Starters

Your Hinge prompt answers should also serve as conversation starters, making it easy for people to engage with you.

Choose prompts that invite open-ended answers, giving potential matches various angles to start a conversation.

Wherever you can, share unique or intriguing facts about yourself that will entice people to learn more and message you.

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Discuss Goals and Life Values

Mentioning your goals and life values in your profile not only helps attract like-minded individuals but also demonstrates your commitment to personal growth.

Be it career, travel, or personal milestones, it’s attractive to write about in your Hinge profile.

This shows potential matches what you prioritize in life and encourages meaningful connections based on shared values.

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