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30 Best Friday Jokes for Work


Why is Friday my laptop’s favorite day? It finally gets to sleep.

What do you call a productive Friday? A plot twist.

What do you call an employee who starts a new project on a Friday? Delusionally optimistic.

What do employees and computers have in common on Friday? Both go into sleep mode.

What’s the best productivity hack for Friday? Putting things off until Monday.

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What do you call a burst of energy at work on Friday? A rare occurrence.

Why do clocks seem to laugh on Fridays? They know the joke’s on us — time doesn’t actually go faster.

How do you spot a workaholic on Friday? They’re still working past 3pm.

What do you call a Friday with back-to-back meetings? A practical joke.

Why do pencils take off early on Fridays? They can’t deal with any more pointless meetings.

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How do you know it’s Friday at work? My computer just sighed in relief.

What’s the difference between Friday and a birthday party? One you’re expected to bring a gift to; the other is the gift.

What do you call a Friday in customer service? A patience test.

What do you call a Friday with a broken coffee machine? A survival test.

What’s the office dress code on Friday? “Wear something you can nap in.”

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What do office workers and bears have in common on Friday? Both go into hibernation mode.

What do you call the last meeting on Friday? The final countdown.

What’s the difference between Friday and a photo? One makes everyone smile without saying “cheese.”

What’s the most popular form of exercise at work on Friday? Running out of patience.

What’s every employee’s favorite office spot on Friday? The nearest exit.

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What’s the official work motto on Friday? “Can it wait till Monday?”

What do you call a Friday when the internet goes down? A 3-day weekend.

What’s the best part about the office on Friday? Seeing the “closed” sign from the outside.

How do you avoid working late on Friday? By leaving early.

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What does every worker leave behind on Friday? Their sense of urgency.

What’s the difference between Friday and a treadmill? On Friday, you’re actually going somewhere.

What’s the slowest thing in the office on Friday? The clock from 4 PM to 5 PM.

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