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20 Funniest Sunday Jokes


What’s Sunday’s favorite food? A sundae.

Why did Sunday take an art class? To draw out the weekend.

What’s Sunday’s favorite type of music? The weekend blues.

Why was Sunday feeling blue? It realized it’s nothing more than Monday Eve.

Why did Sunday take a selfie? To capture its final moment of joy before Monday ruins everything.

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What’s a vampire’s least favorite day of the week? Sun-day.

Why did Sunday go to therapy? It had separation anxiety from Saturday.

What’s the difference between Sunday and a good book? You can’t slow down Sunday from ending.

What’s the difference between Sunday and leftovers? Leftovers give you something to look forward to.

Why did the flower think always think Saturday was Sunday? Because the sun was out.

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Why did Sunday go on a diet? Because Monday was always weighing it down.

What does Sunday use to browse the internet? Safari, because it’s not working either.

How does Sunday stay flexible? By stretching the weekend.

What does Sunday wear to a date? Its Sunday best.

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What’s the difference between Sunday and a salad? Salad feels less fulfilling.

What’s the difference between Sunday and a rollercoaster? A rollercoaster is a relief when it ends.

What’s Sunday’s favorite flower? The sunflower.

Why did the cookie cry on Sunday? Because it knew Monday would be crummy.

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