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30 Funniest June Jokes


Where does June come before May? In the dictionary.

How many seconds are there in June? One: June 2nd.

Why is June just like a right angle? Because it’s often 90 degrees.

Why did June go to art class? To draw out the longest day of the year.

What’s June’s favorite Beatles song? Here Comes the Sun.

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What do you call an ocean tide in June? A heatwave.

What did August say to June? “You think you’re hot? Wait till you meet me.”

What did October say to June? “I have Halloween, what do you have? Sweat?”

Why does June have more weekends than other months? Because it has a lot of sun days.

Why did June go to the gym? To get its wedding bod ready.

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What do you call a snowman in June? A puddle.

What did May say to June? “I bring flowers, you just bring the sweat.”

What’s June’s favorite type of music? Summer hits.

Why is June the sponge of all months? Because it’s best for soaking up the sun.

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What’s a basketball player’s favorite type of screen in June? A sun screen.

What’s June’s least favorite spice? Chili, because June is already hot enough.

What did May say to June? “I’m the pretty one, you’re just the hot one.”

What else did May say to June? “Father’s Day is just part of the patriarchy, I only celebrate Mother’s Day.”

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What did December say to June? “I bring wonderlands, you just bring sweatbands.”

What’s June’s favorite flower? Sunflowers.

What’s June’s favorite breakfast? Eggs, sunny side up.

What’s June’s favorite day of the week? Sun day.

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How does June break the ice at parties? By turning up the heat.

Why didn’t the beach bum shower at all in June? He preferred sunbathing.

What did May say to June? “You’re just my overly enthusiastic sibling.”

What did December say to June? “You offer daylight; I offer starlight and northern lights.”

The day after May 30th, someone told me it was June 1st. I think they May be wrong.

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