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54 Sus Pick Up Lines for Ultimate Rizz


1. “If we were squirrels, would you help me bust a nut?”

2. “I’m not Luke’s father, but I can be your daddy.”

3. “If you jingle my bells, I promise you a white Christmas.”

4. “Want to try to have an abortion while it’s still legal?”

5. “Are you a basketball player? Because you’d make a great rebound.”

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6. “Are you an iceberg? Because you’re making me want to go down like the Titanic.”

7. “If you were a balloon, I’d blow you til you pop.”

8. “I’m not a doctor, but I could give you a physical.”

9. “If I told you I worked for UPS, would you let me handle your package?”

10. “Sleeping alone is a waste of my talents.”

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11. “Are you a car? Because I’d wax and ride you all over town.”

12. “Your lips look lonely. How about I introduce them to mine?”

13. “Did you swallow a magnet? Because you’re way too attractive.”

14. “If I were a candle on a birthday cake, I’d make a wish for you to blow me out.”

15. “I’m no cowboy, but I’m pretty good with a rope.”

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16. “Is there a mirror in your pocket? Because I can see myself in your pants.”

17. “I must be a pirate, because I’m intoxicated by your booty.”

18. “I’m not a pilot, but I’d like to take you for a spin in my cockpit.”

19. “If I were Christopher Columbus, I’d explore every inch of you.”

20. “Unlike Han Solo, I won’t shoot first.”

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21. “What time do your legs open? I don’t want to be late.”

22. “Are you a birthday cake? Because I want a piece of that.”

23. “Can you do telekinesis? Because you’ve made a part of me move without even touching it.”

24. “I’m not Santa, but you can still sit on my lap.”

25. “If you look that good in clothes, you must look even better out of them.”

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26. “If I flip a coin, what are my chances of getting head?”

27. “Are you a parking ticket? Because you’ve got ‘fine’ written all over you.”

28. “Don’t ever change. Just get naked.”

29. “Can I follow you home? Cause my parents always told me to follow my dreams.”

30. “Do you have a sunburn, or are you always this hot?”

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31. “Is your body from McDonald’s? Because I’m lovin’ it.”

32. “Are you a beaver? Because daaaam!”

33. “You must be a cherry, because I can see you always being on top.”

34. “If you were a ship, I could be your anchor, holding you down.”

35. “You’re like a golf course – beautifully landscaped and fun to explore.”

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36. “Are you a paleontologist? Because I have a large bone that needs examining.”

37. “I’m not a sex-ed teacher, but I can still give you a lesson or two.”

38. “You must be a calculus teacher, because your curves are infinite.”

39. “Aside from being extremely hot, what else do you do for a living?”

40. “If I were a vampire, you’d be my first and only bite.”

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41. “You want to date a stud? Well, I already have an STD so U are all I need.”

42. “Is your name Jingle Bells? Because you look like you go all the way.”

43. “Nice pants. Can I talk you out of them?”

44. “I wish I was your phone, so you’d be on me all day.”

45. “I’m not a hoarder, but I really want to keep you forever.”

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46. “If you were a steering wheel, I’d hold you at 6 and 9.”

47. “If I was a judge, I’d sentence you to a lifetime in my bed.”

48. “Will you help me with some algebra and replace my eX without asking Y?”

49. “I’d like to be your math homework. Can you slam me on the desk and do me all night?”

50. “Are you an aspirin? Because I’d like to take you by mouth every 4 to 6 hours.”

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51. “If we were Pokemon trainers, would you let me Squirtle on your Jiggleypuffs?”

52. “I can’t find my treasure anywhere. Can I search your chest and see if it’s there?”

53. “Are you a candle? Because I want to blow you.”

54. “Let’s play carpenter. First, we’ll get hammered, and then you’ll nail me.”

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The Art of Sus Pick Up Lines

The best sus pick up lines are those that use wordplay, puns, and double entendres.

Clever Wordplay

Clever wordplay in pick up lines appeals to a person’s intellect and sense of humor.

It can showcase wittiness and intelligence, which are attractive qualities.

Puns and Double Entendres

You’ll find that puns and double entendres can turn ordinary phrases into clever icebreakers.

Puns involve words with multiple meanings or similar-sounding words to create a comical effect.

Double entendres provide a layer of sophistication to pick-up lines. They use a word or phrase that has two meanings, one often more risqué.

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How to Deliver Sus Pick Up Lines

Delivery of pick up lines can sway the balance between a smile and a raised eyebrow.

Here are some strategies to improve your delivery:

Master the Approach: Approach with a casual ease, not too fast or aggressively. Keep a respectful distance; don’t invade personal space.

Tone and Confidence: Speak with a clear, confident voice. Avoid mumbling—articulation is key.

Know Your Audience: Choose a line that has to do with your crush’s interests.

Body Language: Use the right body language. Establish eye contact, but don’t stare. Smile genuinely. Use natural gestures to convey enthusiasm.

Be Observant: Comment on elements within the environment to show that you’re paying attention to your surroundings.

Open-ended Questions: Continue a conversation by using open-ended questions that invite more than a yes or no response.

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Flirting with Sus

Mastering the art of flirting involves maneuvering through subtle cues and having good conversation techniques.

It’s about understanding the non-verbal signals and ensuring your words are received with the intended charm and timing.

Understanding Body Language

Your body language speaks volumes before you even utter a word.

Pay close attention to eye contact and smiling, as these are potent indicators of interest.

A lingering look paired with a sincere smile can set a welcoming tone for your approach.

Be aware of their body language as well; if they’re leaning towards you and maintaining eye contact, these are positive signs.

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Timing and Delivery

The success of a pick-up line hinges on not just what you say but when and how you say it.

Deliver your lines when the other person appears relaxed and receptive.

Use a tone that matches the context of your environment—softer and more intimate in a quiet setting, clear and enthusiastically in a livelier atmosphere.

The Art of Sus in Flirting

When someone describes you as “sus,” they’re shortening the word suspicious.

In the context of pick-up lines, being called “sus” might mean that your intentions or behavior are being questioned, often playfully.

When used in pick-up lines, “sus” is a tongue-in-cheek way to initiate a flirtatious exchange, hinting that someone’s interest in another person is not going unnoticed.

Remember, the tone in which “sus” is used can greatly affect its meaning.

If someone is jesting, “sus” may simply add a comedic touch.

However, if the tone is serious, it might imply a genuine concern about someone’s behavior or motives.

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When Sus Meets Pick Up Lines

Using sus pick up lines can be a playful and funny approach to start a conversation with someone you’re interested in, as long as you use them lightheartedly and in a way that doesn’t come across as threatening.

Remember, the goal is to make the other person smile and open up the door for a genuine conversation.

If they seem uncomfortable or not interested, it’s important to respectfully back away.

Practice reading the room and always use these lines with the underlying respect for the person’s feelings and boundaries.

Humor can be a bridge to someone’s heart, but sincerity builds the foundation for any potential connection.

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