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Why the First Message on Hinge Matters So Much

So you’ve matched with someone on Hinge and want to get a conversation going.

And the fate of your match lies in sending that first message.

Why the First Message on Hinge Matters So Much

Who Messages First on Hinge?

Anyone can send the first message on Hinge, no matter your gender and no matter who sends the first like that creates the match.

On average, when there’s a match between a man and a woman, the man is more likely to message first.

But, if you’re a woman, don’t let that norm hold you back: If you take initiative to start the chat, you can set the tone and strike up conversation the way you want it to go.

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The Importance of the First Message on Hinge

On Hinge, sending a good opening message is key to getting a conversation started with a match.

Most Hinge conversations die out before they start.

Many people you’ll match with just don’t write back at all, leaving you to wonder why they even matched with you in the first place.

Sending a good first message on Hinge is the most critical thing you can do if you’re looking to convert Hinge matches into Hinge dates.

Here’s what the first message means on Hinge and why it matters so much.

The First Message Sets the Tone for the Rest of the Conversation

Your first message on Hinge plays a key role in setting the tone for the entire conversation to come.

That opening message is your only chance to make a positive impression. It’s time to showcase your personality, show that you put effort in, and get the conversation off to a smooth start.

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With a thoughtful, engaging first message, you want to write something that shows your match that you have taken the time to read their profile and genuinely want to get to know them. Show them that they are unique to you; they’re not just any random match in your app.

Your first message should establish a positive, lighthearted, flirty vibe and make your match excited to reply and more interested in having a meaningful conversation with you.

On Hinge, a Good First Message Generates Interest in Your Profile

On Hinge, your profile — including your photos and your prompts — are the heart of your existence and will determine your success on the app.

Your Hinge profile also goes hand in hand with what conversations you’ll have with matches.

A well-crafted first message is essential for complementing your profile and making a match even more interested in you.

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Your First Message Must Be Authentic and Personalized

If you send a generic or inauthentic message that doesn’t align with who you seem to be based on your profile, then it may not resonate with your match and they’ll be less likely to respond or continue the conversation.

On the other hand, a personalized and interesting message in your own unique voice can trigger curiosity and encourage your match to learn more about you and write back. Write a first message personalized to your match based on your match’s photos, interests, and prompts.

Writing a unique, personalized first message on Hinge is especially important for helping you stand out from the many other users your match may be chatting with on the app.

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A Good First Message Increases Your Chances of Success on Hinge

On Hinge, success means a few things:

Getting likes.

Matching with people you’re compatible with.

Having good conversations with matches.

And ultimately, going out on dates that lead to the kind of relationship you’re looking for.

Sending an effective first message to a new match on Hinge is important for increasing your chances of success on Hinge and getting you that coveted first date with someone you like.

A first message that’s witty, includes a genuine compliment, or asks a thoughtful open-ended question to your match will boost the likelihood of getting a response, starting a conversation, and leading to an eventual in-person first date.

On Hinge, attention is currency. The more you captivate your match’s attention and interest, the better your chances are of moving forward with them.

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Crafting the Best First Message on Hinge

Here’s What Good First Messages on Hinge Have in Common

Good first messages on Hinge tend to follow a few basic principles.

They reference your match’s profile details, ask an open-ended question, showcase confidence and genuine interest, and are short and sweet.

These are the kinds of characteristics that lead first messages on Hinge to receive a reply and effectively start a conversation.

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Engaging with Hinge Prompts and Profile Details

Let’s reiterate this point because it’s the most important Hinge messaging tip in this whole article.

When crafting your first message on Hinge, get inspiration from your match’s profile.

Look at their photos, their prompts, their job, their hometown, and so forth. Find something you have in common or something that seems like a good conversation topic.

Through a good first message on Hinge, you’ll make it clear to your match that you’ve taken the time to read their profile thoughtfully and genuinely want to know more about them.

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Asking Open-Ended Questions

To encourage a response, ask open-ended questions that allow the other person to share their thoughts and experiences openly, in a response that isn’t just “yes” or “no” or one word.

Open-ended questions facilitate the flow of conversation on Hinge and show your interest in getting to know a match better, showing them that you want to hear how they think and express themselves.

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Showcasing Confidence and Genuine Interest

Confidence is attractive, so make sure you express genuine interest in your first message.

Aim for a tone that is friendly, playful, positive or flirty, and conveys a desire to get to know your match better.

A compliment can help, increasing the odds of your match writing back to your opener, but avoid excessive compliments or sounding desperate.

Hinge First Message Ideas If You Don’t Know What to Say

If you’re struggling to come up with conversation starters to send a Hinge match, try these ideas:

  • Comment on a shared interest you notice from their profile, ask them about something interesting they mentioned in a prompt, or ask them where one of their photos was taken.
  • Ask about any trips they’ve taken recently or any upcoming events they’re looking forward to.
  • Share a fun fact or personal anecdote of your own that’s related to something in their profile.

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Avoiding Common Mistakes When Sending a First Message on Hinge

There are tons of mistakes people make when messaging a match on Hinge.

Refrain from using overly sexual or offensive language, and always proofread your message before pressing send. Double-check for typos and grammar errors.

Keep the message focused on your match or yourself, and avoid discussing your exes or past relationships.

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Messaging Hinge Matches and Continuing Conversations

Efficient Swiping and Matching Strategies on Hinge

When using Hinge, it’s essential to focus on profiles that genuinely interest you and align authentically with your dating preferences.

Take the time to read through profiles and consider your compatibility thoughtfully.

When you find a profile you like on Hinge, don’t just send them a like. Instead, add a message along with your like. Personalize this first message by focusing on one of this person’s interests or something in one of their photos, or respond directly to one of their prompts and ask them a question.

Hinge is a dating app of quality over quantity, so put in the time to make each like and match count.

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Maintaining a Respectful and Engaging Tone

As you message matches on Hinge, always maintain a respectful and interested tone.

Focus on asking open-ended questions, listening, and responding thoughtfully. Alternating between light and deeper topics can give your matches a playful and intimate vibe that will set you apart from others they may be chatting with.

Keep your conversations honest, and resist the urge to exaggerate your interests, skills, lifestyle, or experiences to impress others. Being genuine and true to yourself is key in building a strong connection that’ll set the stage for a good first date later on.

Recognizing Red Flags and Warning Signs

It’s important to recognize red flags that may be cause for concern when messaging someone on Hinge.

Trust your instincts if a conversation seems inappropriate or uncomfortable, and remember it’s okay to disengage if you feel uncomfortable.

If you’d like to end a conversation with a match who’s been respectful and engaged with you, avoid ghosting and try to be transparent and honest with them and wish them well.

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Transitioning from Hinge Matches to In-Person Dates

As your Hinge conversation progresses and the connection deepens, you may feel ready to transition to an in-person Hinge date.

Keep it casual and suggest a low-key public activity and be open to alternative ideas from your match.

According to our research, the most popular first dates preferred by Hinge users are coffee dates and drinks dates.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Hinge First Message

Why is the first message important on Hinge?

The first message on Hinge is crucial because it’s your only chance to get a match to reply, it sets the tone for the conversation, and is your best way to stand out from the competition after matching. A good first message on Hinge will pique your match’s interest and start a meaningful conversation.

Who has to message first on Hinge?

On Hinge, either person can message first after a match forms.

How to create a good first impression on Hinge?

To create a good first impression on Hinge, take the time to read your match’s profile and craft a personalized message that makes them feel understood and seen. Make it clear that you’ve taken the time to understand who they are as a unique individua. Avoid generic openers like “Hey” or “Hi” and focus on something specific from their profile to show genuine interest.

What should not be in the first Hinge message?

Avoid including any offensive content, overly sexual remarks, or weak opening lines like “Hey” or “What’s up?” in your first Hinge message. Give consideration to your match’s preferences and boundaries. Also, never start with an apology or negativity. Be confident and positive.

How to make a Hinge conversation interesting?

To make a Hinge conversation interesting, ask open-ended questions, share personal anecdotes, and try to find common interests. Be flirty, attentive, and responsive, and adapt your conversation style to match your partner’s. Be playful and crack a joke, while showing maturity and welcoming deeper conversations. For more tips, read our Hinge conversation guide here.

How to show genuine interest in a Hinge conversation?

Show genuine interest in a Hinge conversation by asking thoughtful questions related to your match’s profile and listening to their responses. Ask them questions that are so personalized to them that you couldn’t possible send that message to any other match. Follow up on your match’s answers, share your own experiences to create a shared perspective with them, give sincere compliments to your match, and maintain a balance between asking questions and sharing information about yourself.

Want Help Creating a Great Hinge Profile?

Hopefully these tips give some insights into why the first message on Hinge matters so much.

If you’re on Hinge and want to improve your profile so you get more likes and better matches, we have you covered.

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