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16 Tips for Sending the Best Hinge Openers

On Hinge, sending a great opener is essential.

But how do you write openers that start conversations, create chemistry, and intrigue a match to write back?

16 Tips for Sending the Best Hinge Openers

Our 16 Best Tips on How to Write Great Hinge Openers:

1. Show that you’ve read their profile

The best openers on Hinge make it clear that you’ve read the person’s profile.

When you reference something specific about them, it shows that you’re genuinely interested in getting to know them better and that you’re not just sending the same message to everyone on Hinge.

For example, if they mention that they’re an avid reader, you could say, “I noticed you love to read. What’s the best book you’ve read recently?”

Take the time to read someone’s profile carefully and evaluate whether you’re compatible. Look for details about their personality, interests, and lifestyle. This can help you come up with a unique opener that is tailored to them.

2. Be creative & send something unique

A general tip for writing great Hinge openers is to be creative and unique.

Hinge is the place to take risks and put yourself out there. Try to avoid using generic or cliché phrases like “Hey, how are you?” or “What’s up?” These openers are safe and boring. More often than not, these openers don’t start conversations; they end them.

Use the information provided in the person’s profile to come up with a unique opener that resonates with them. For example, if someone has a picture of themselves at a music festival, you could say something like “That’s a great music festival pic – what was your favorite performance?”

A creative opener on Hinge can make you stand out from the crowd, especially if you write something witty that makes the other person smile. For example, if the user’s profile mentions a love for pizza, you could say, “I have a theory that pizza is the key to happiness. Care to test it out with me?”

3. Ask a question

An effective way to start a conversation on Hinge is to ask a question. Including a question in your opener shows that you’re interested in getting to know the other person and are putting in effort to get a convo going.

It’s ideal to ask an open-ended question that requires more than a one-word answer. For example, instead of asking, “Do you like to travel?” you could ask, “What’s your favorite trip you’ve taken in recent years, and why?” This type of question allows the other person to share more about themselves and can lead to a more engaging conversation with open possibilities.

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4. Find common ground

Like attracts like.

Most people on Hinge are looking for users with some similar interests as them.

The best Hinge openers often find common ground with the other person.

Look for shared interests or experiences in their profile that you can use to start a conversation. For example, if it’s clear that you both love hiking, you could say something like “I noticed we both love hiking. Have you tried any new hikes recently?”

This type of opener can help you connect with the other person on a deeper level and build instant chemistry by bonding you over a shared interest.

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5. Keep it short and sweet

As a general rule of them, when it comes to writing that first message on Hinge, it’s best to keep it short and sweet.

You don’t want to overwhelm the other person with a long, drawn-out message.

Instead, keep your opener succinct and to the point, ideally one or two sentences in length.

6. Personalize your opener

Arguably the first-and-foremost rule of writing the Hinge openers is to personalize your opener.

No one likes to feel like they’re just another match in a sea of potential dates. People want to feel special and unique.

Take a look at their profile and find something that interests you or something that you have in common. Use that as a conversation starter. If you can write an opener so specific that it couldn’t have possibly been sent to any other person on Hinge but that person, then you’ve done something right.

7. Be specific; avoid being generic

While it’s important to be creative and unique with your first message on Hinge, it’s also important to avoid being too generic.

Avoid using overly used lines or openers that are too vague. For example, saying “I love your smile” might seem like a nice compliment, but it’s also something that the other person has probably heard a million times.

Instead, try to find something unique to compliment or comment on.

And avoid clichés.

Cliché opening lines like “Hey, what’s up?” or “How’s your day going?” are overused and won’t make you stand out. These are some of the most overused openers on Hinge. They don’t give the person much to work with in terms of responding.

Instead, try to be creative and come up with a unique conversation starter based on the person’s profile.

8. Be authentic and genuine

Sure, there are a bunch of ways to strategize when writing your opener. As this whole article is about, there are some right ways to write an opener and some wrong ways. But remember that it’s important to be authentic on Hinge.

Don’t try to be someone you’re not, don’t use language that doesn’t feel natural to you, and don’t pretend to be interested in something you’re not.

You want other people on Hinge to get a sense of who you really are, not who you think they want you to be. Be genuine in your approach and use language that reflects your personality.

Avoid using pick-up lines. This tip is especially important in writing the best Hinge openers for guys. Be honest about your interests and hobbies and what you’re looking for.

9. Use humor

Humor is attractive, and one of the best types of openers to send on Hinge is one that makes someone laugh.

A funny Hinge opener shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously and that you’re looking to date someone with a good sense of humor.

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10. Keep it simple

The best first messages on Hinge tend to keep it simple.

You don’t need to write a novel, and you definitely shouldn’t try to impress anyone with your vocabulary. Your opener shouldn’t hurt someone’s brain or make them think too hard.

Just be yourself and get straight to the point of what you’d like to know about them and what you’d like to chat about. For example, you could say, “Hey, I noticed we both love dogs. Do you have a favorite breed?”

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11. Be confident

Confidence is attractive when it comes to writing good Hinge openers.

You want to come across as confident and comfortable with who you are but avoid seeming cocky or arrogant.

Confidence signals charisma, competence, trustworthiness, and self-assuredness, which tend to be desirable qualities in a partner. Arrogance, meanwhile, involves thinking you’re more important than and superior to others. Genuine confidence is attractive, arrogance is not.

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12. Keep it light and playful

Keep your Hinge opener light and playful. Avoid coming on too strong or being too serious in that first message. You want to make the other person feel comfortable, relaxed, non-judged, and at ease.

For example, using a light-hearted, funny Hinge opener like “If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be?” shows that you have a sense of humor, don’t take yourself too seriously, and are open to being playful with a partner.

Online dating is supposed to be fun, and you want to come across as someone who is easygoing and a good time to be with. As another example opener, if someone mentions loving sushi in their profile, you could say, “I noticed we both love sushi. Want to go on a sushi crawl with me and try every restaurant in town?”

13. Be positive

On Hinge, it’s important to be positive. Bring people up, don’t bring them down.

Most people would rather not start a conversation with someone who is negative or complaining.

Show that you’re someone who sees the good in people and the bright side in things. Make your match feel good about themselves and have your conversation be a positive addition to their day.

14. Lead with a compliment

Starting your Hinge conversation with a compliment is a great way to break the ice and make the person feel good about themselves.

Make sure the compliment is genuine and specific to something on their profile, ideally not something about their physical appearance.

Don’t just say, “you’re beautiful.” Instead, find something unique about them and mention it. For example, if they have a picture of themselves hiking, you could say, “I love that picture of you hiking. You look so adventurous. Where’s that from?”

15. Use their name

Here’s a Hinge tip to keep in mind: Using someone’s name is a simple way to make a conversation feel more personal.

It’s an easy way to show that you’re not just copy-and-pasting the same message to multiple people on the app.

16. Make use of their photos and prompts

The best openers on Hinge make good use of someone’s profile pictures and prompts.

When writing to someone, draw inspiration from their profile. People have reasons for which photos they post of themselves. They may have posted photos that show their hobbies and interests or places they’ve traveled — ask them about their interests and experiences.

Be thoughtful about which of their photos or prompts you choose to attach your “like” to. Ideally, choose one that helps you craft the best opener and reflects what genuinely intrigued you toward this person.

Hinge prompts are in particular a great conversation starter. They tend to provide a glimpse into the person’s personality and interests.

If you’re struggling to come up with a conversation starter, look at their prompts and ask a follow-up question. For example, if their prompt says, “I’m weirdly attracted to someone who knows all the words to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,'” you could ask, “What’s your favorite Queen song?”

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Hinge WANTS You to Send Good Openers!

Hinge focuses on creating meaningful connections between matches, and it does a better job of this than other dating apps. By requiring users to include 6 photos and 3 prompts in their profile, Hinge gives you a lot to work with in crafting openers that are thoughtfully personalized to a specific person.

Hinge is a versatile dating app when it comes to starting conversations, as it allows users to “like” another user’s profile by writing them an opening message. This means that, instead of simply swiping right on someone, you can write them a thoughtful message that catches their attention off the bat and compels them to match with you.

Hinge also offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to sending a like to another user. Rather than simply “liking” someone’s profile as a whole, Hinge requires you to choose a specific part of someone’s profile to “like”—either one of their photos or one of their prompts.

That means you can start a conversation with someone by “liking” a specific photo of theirs and writing them an opening message about that photo. Or, you can “like” one of their prompts and have your opener be a direct response to that prompt.

So, then, why is it so hard to write good openers on Hinge? Here are a few reasons:

Writing openers on Hinge is a challenging task, especially when it comes to crafting clever and unique openers that intrigue compatible matches and start conversations. Here are some reasons why it’s so challenging to write great Hinge openers.

1. Limited information about someone

While Hinge profiles provide more information about someone than profiles on most other dating apps, it can still be challenging to come up with an opener when you simply just don’t know that much about someone.

For example, if someone has 6 generic photos and 3 one-word prompt response, then it’ll be hard to find a unique conversation starter. Without enough information to work with, you may find yourself relying on basic openers that won’t stand out.

In these cases, just remember that the whole point of having a conversation on Hinge is to get to know someone to assess compatibility. The best Hinge openers ask the person something about themselves so you can get to know them.

2. Fear of rejection

Another reason why it can be challenging to write good Hinge openers is the fear of rejection. When you send a message to someone you’re interested in, you’re putting yourself out there and risking the possibility of being rejected.

Unfortunately, it’s common for people to ghost on dating apps, not writing back to your message. This fear can make it difficult to come up with an opener that feels genuine and not too over-the-top or desperate.

While rejection is never easy, it’s important to remember that it’s a natural part of the dating process. Don’t let the fear of rejection hold you back from sending that opening message. The messages that do lead to meaningful connections will make all the unreplied messages worth it.

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3. Lack of creativity

Coming up with a creative Hinge opener can be a challenge. It can be easy to fall back on generic conversation starters or clichés, such as “Hey, what’s up?” or “How’s your day going?” While these openers might work in some situations, they don’t provide much opportunity for a meaningful conversation.

The reality is that online dating is tough, and it doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people. It can take work to think outside the box and connect with people on dating apps.

4. Overthinking

Overthinking can make it challenging to write good Hinge openers. When you’re trying to come up with the perfect opening message, it’s easy to get caught up in your own head and second-guess yourself. This can lead to analysis paralysis, where you spend too much time thinking about what to say and end up not saying anything at all.

Remember that your opener doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, there’s no such thing as the “perfect” Hinge opener. Just write something thoughtful, engaging, and specific to the person you’re messaging.

5. Different preferences

Another challenge when it comes to writing Hinge openers is that everyone has different preferences.

What works for one person might not work for another. Some people might respond well to playful or funny openers, while others might prefer something more straightforward and direct. It can be challenging to figure out what type of opener will resonate with the person you’re interested in.

6. Lack of time

Finally, lack of time can make it challenging to write good Hinge openers. When you’re busy with work, school, or other responsibilities, it can be hard to find the time and energy to craft a thoughtful opening message. As a result, you might find yourself resorting to generic openers or not messaging people at all.

Remember that it’s a matter of quality over quantity on Hinge. It’s better to send only a few well-written openers than to send out a lot of generic openers.

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Most common mistakes people make when writing Hinge openers

When writing openers on Hinge, there are several mistakes that people make. Here are some common mistakes and our tips for how to send good openers by avoiding them:

1. Being too formal

While it’s important to be respectful and use proper spelling/grammar in your messages on Hinge, being too formal can come across as stiff and impersonal. Avoid using overly formal language, as this can be a turn-off for most people. Remember, folks, this is Hinge, not LinkedIn.

2. Overcomplicating it

Some people make the mistake of overcomplicating their opener, trying to come up with a clever pun or an elaborate introduction that ends up just being confusing or overwhelming. While it’s important to be creative and to write something unique, it’s equally important to keep the opener simple and easy to understand.

3. Being too aggressive

Without a doubt, it’s important to show interest in a Hinge opener. But coming on too strong can be a turnoff. For example, sending a message that’s overly flirtatious or sexual can make the recipient feel uncomfortable or even unsafe. It’s important to strike a balance between showing interest and respecting the recipient’s boundaries.

4. Ignoring the person’s profile

A common mistake people make when writing openers on Hinge is that it’s clear they did not read the other person’s profile at all. Failing to read or acknowledge the person’s profile can make it seem like the message was sent at random, rather than in response to what this person shared about their interests, values, or experiences. It is essential to read a person’s profile carefully and send an opener that is specifically written for them.

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5. Focusing too much on physical appearance

While physical attraction is an important aspect of dating, focusing too much on physical appearance can be a turnoff for some people. Complimenting the person’s looks in the opener, for example, can come across as shallow or superficial. Instead, focus on something unique or interesting about the person’s profile, such as a shared interest or hobby.

6. Not proofreading

Typos, spelling errors, and grammatical mistakes will make even the best Hinge opener seem careless or rushed. It’s important to take the time to proofread your message to ensure that it comes across as thoughtful and intentional.

7. Trying too hard

While it’s important to make a strong first impression, trying too hard can be a turn-off. Avoid coming across as desperate or over-eager in your opener. Instead, focus on being genuine and authentic.

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