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How Many Likes Do You Get on Hinge?

Here’s everything you need to know about getting, receiving, and sending likes on Hinge.

How Many Likes Do You Get on Hinge?

How Many Free Likes Do You Get on Hinge?

Free Hinge users can send up to 8 likes per day.

How Many Likes Do You Get With Hinge Premium?

With a Hinge Preferred subscription, either Hinge+ or HingeX, you can send unlimited likes.

How Many Likes Can You Send on Hinge?

With a free Hinge account, you can send up to 8 likes per day to other users. Your likes budget resets every day at 4:00 am in your local time.

If you want to increase the number of likes you have available to send, you can upgrade to a paid Hinge membership subscription like Hinge+ or HingeX and get unlimited likes to send.

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How Many Hinge Likes Per Day Do You Receive?

You can receive unlimited likes from other users on Hinge. It’s all just a matter of how many other users see your profile and send you a like. Some people receive zero likes a day, others can get 100 likes in a single day.

What is the Average Likes Per Day on Hinge?

The average Hinge user gets between one like a month to a few likes per week.

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What is the Average Hinge Likes a Day for a Girl?

The average girl gets 5-10 likes a day on Hinge.

In the days right after they download Hinge for the first time, girls can average 99+ likes a day. This is because Hinge naturally boosts your profile for a short period when you’re a new user on the app.

How Many Likes on Hinge is Normal?

There’s really isn’t any “normal” number of likes to be receiving on Hinge.

The number of likes you receive on Hinge can vary greatly depending on your age, location, the quality of your profile pictures, the quality of your profile prompts, and your activity on the app.

According to data Hinge users have shared on Reddit, some users report receiving 50 likes in just a few hours, while others experience as few as 4 likes over 90 days.

By crafting a great Hinge profile and sending thoughtful likes to other users, you can go a long way toward getting more likes.

How Many Likes on Hinge is Good?

There isn’t any objective number of likes on Hinge that is universally considered “good.”

But, as a general rule of thumb, a good number of likes on Hinge would be receiving anything more than a few likes per week.

Note that this figure will differ vastly by gender. On average, women tend to get way more likes on Hinge than guys do.

Many women get upwards of 10 likes each week without putting much effort into their time on Hinge, while there are plenty of decent looking guys who struggle to get more than a few likes each month on Hinge.

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Remember to focus on the quality of your likes and matches over the quantity. If you’re looking to date and find someone you’re compatible with, it’s better to have just a handful of meaningful conversations with a few matches than to receive a large number of likes from users with whom you don’t really connect with.

What Are Likes on Hinge?

On Hinge, you send another user a “like” as a way to express interest in them.

“Liking” someone’s profile on Hinge is how you let them know you’d like to match with them. If they “like” you back, then the two of you form a match and can have a conversation through Hinge’s messaging system.

When swiping through profiles on the Hinge app, you can decide which profiles you’d like to send a like to.

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How Do You Send Likes on Hinge?

Hinge offers a few different ways for you to send a like to another user.

On Hinge, you send someone a like by selecting a specific part of their profile, such as one of their photos or one of their prompts. That means your like is tagged onto a specific photo or prompt of theirs, so they can know which part of their profile particularly interested you in them.

When you like another user on Hinge, you’ll show up in their list of Likes and they can either like you back or reject you. If they like you back, you two will match and one of you can send the first message to start a conversation.

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Tips for Making the Most of Your Hinge Likes

You’ll want to make the most of the likes you send on Hinge so you can maximize the chance of forming a match and ultimately landing a first date.

While other dating apps like Tinder and Bumble often rely on mindless swiping for matching, Hinge focuses on fostering deeper connections through having users send likes more mindfully and with more intention. On Hinge, likes are more personalized and allow you to connect with a match over shared interests or experiences.

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When sending likes on Hinge, it’s worth taking a bit more time to go through someone’s profile carefully and strategically select which part of their profile to tag your like onto. Like the photo or prompt of theirs that genuinely resonates with you most.

Additionally, when sending another user a like on Hinge, it’s best to write a message along with your like. This is one of the biggest benefits of Hinge and why it can be much better than apps like Tinder or Bumble. By writing a brief message that goes with your like, you can increase the chances of forming a new match and starting off a good conversation.

These tips will set the stage for more meaningful conversations if you match with them, which is a key goal of the app and will help you become more likely to end up going on a first date with your match.

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Want to get more likes on Hinge?

It’s all about choosing the right profile pictures and writing three great prompts.

To have a Hinge expert select your best six profile pictures for you, upload your photos to our dating photo analyzer and we’ll reveal which ones are your most attractive.

To have our professional Hinge profile writer write your Hinge prompts for you, check out our professional dating profile writing service. You’ll just fill out a brief questionnaire about yourself, and our Hinge writer will write you three authentic, engaging prompts you can copy and paste right into your Hinge profile.

Getting No Likes on Hinge is Normal: Here’s How to Get More Likes on Hinge

It’s perfectly normal to get no likes on Hinge.

In fact, not getting any likes on Hinge is far more common than you might think.

But that doesn’t forgive the fact that getting no likes at all absolutely sucks.

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to get more likes on Hinge, from creating a great profile to using Hinge’s features wisely.

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Creating a Great Hinge Profile

When creating your Hinge profile, the most important thing you can do is choose your very best six photos to upload. Be sure to use high-quality photos that show your face, your full body, and some parts of your personality and lifestyle, such as hobbies, interests, travels, or pets.

Choose three prompts that you can answer in an engaging, thoughtful, and confident way, and aim to showcase your hobbies, interests, and most unique life experiences in your prompt responses.

For professional help with creating a great Hinge profile, including optimizing which photos you’re using and selecting & writing good prompts, check out our dating photo analyzer and our professional dating profile writing service.

Free vs Preferred Membership on Hinge

As a free Hinge user, you get 8 likes each day you can send to other users.

That can feel restricting and limit how much you can get out of the app.

So, if you choose to upgrade to Hinge Preferred, then you’ll be able to send unlimited likes. And you’ll also get other advanced features, like more nuanced filtering preferences.

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A preferred membership on Hinge can improve your match rate and help you get more out of the app, ultimately increasing your odds of going out with matches in person on dates.

Daily Likes and Roses on Hinge

Both free and Preferred users of Hinge receive one Rose per week.

On Hinge, sending a Rose to someone is a special way to “super like” them, showing strong interest in them and letting them know they really stood out to you.

Sending a Rose can increase your chances of matching with someone, compared to sending them a normal like.

You’ll want to be strategic about how you use your Roses.

To learn more about Hinge Roses, read our comprehensive guide here.

Leveraging Hinge’s AI Algorithm

Hinge has an AI algorithm that chooses which other users’ profiles it shows to you.

The algorithm’s goal is to show you other users who would be likely to be compatible with you, based on your swiping habits and the preferences you set.

To make the most out of Hinge’s algorithm so it shows you the best matches possible, it’ll help to be consistent in your swiping on the app. The more active and authentic you are on the app, the better the algorithm can understand your preferences and present you with compatible matches.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hinge Likes

How Often Do You Get Likes on Hinge?

You’ll receive likes from other users whenever another user likes your profile. Some users rarely get any likes, while other users get many likes every day.

When Do You Get More Likes on Hinge?

You get more likes on Hinge at 4:00 AM local time every day, when your likes budget refreshes.

Hinge Likes for Guys vs Women?

The verdict on this one is clear: On average, women get far more likes than guys on Hinge. Of course, this is just an average. Some women will struggle to get likes, and some men will get tons of likes.

Hinge Unlimited Likes Hack?

There is no known “hack” for unlimited likes on Hinge. To access unlimited likes, you can subscribe to Hinge+ or HingeX, which allows you to send as many likes as you desire.

Want Help Creating a Great Hinge Profile That’ll Get You More Likes?

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