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How to Write a Good ‘Two Truths and a Lie’ Hinge Prompt

Wondering how to answer the “Two truths and a lie” prompt on Hinge?


Hinge prompts can go a long way in starting up conversations with new matches.

A good “two truths and a lie” prompt answer can invite someone to start a chat with you by guessing which statement is the lie.

When you choose to use this prompt in your profile and write a thoughtful answer to it, that can help you develop a meaningful relationship with a more compatible match who appreciates the person you are.

This prompt allows you to say quite a lot about yourself, including your personality, life experiences, and hidden talents.

That’s why “Two truths and a lie” is one of the best Hinge prompts.

Plus, the splash of mystery that comes with this prompt sets it up for a fun and flirty exchange.

We’re about to share some tips for answering the “Two truths and a lie” prompt so you can improve your Hinge profile.

We’ll also share tons of example prompt answers down below.

Understanding the ‘Two Truths and a Lie’ Hinge Prompt

“Two truths and a lie” is a popular Hinge prompt, and for good reason.

It’s a fun game and an interactive conversation starter that encourages potential matches to engage with your profile and send you that first message.

The objective of this prompt is simple: you provide three statements about yourself — two truths and one lie — and your match will have to guess which one is the lie.

To make the most of this Hinge prompt, you’ll need to put some thought into which truths and lie to choose.

The key is to select interesting and unique facts about yourself that will pique the interest of your potential matches. Say things they haven’t heard before.

Ideally, your prompt response will highlight aspects of your life that reveal your values, interests, or achievements.

When it comes to writing the lie in your prompt answer, you’ll want to be creative and slightly ambiguous.

Your lie should be convincing enough to blend with the truths but also have some sort of truth to it so it can serve as a springboard for conversation.

Your lie can still reflect an interest of yours or something close to an actual life experience of yours. Or, it can be so outlandish that you and a match just laugh at it.

Best Ways to Answer the ‘Two Truths and a Lie’ Prompt on Hinge

Here are some prompt writing tips when writing a two truths a lie for your Hinge profile.

Incorporate your hobbies and interests

By sharing truths related to your hobbies and interests, you give potential matches the opportunity to learn more about you and spark conversations.

Choose your more eccentric and surprising interests or life facts.

Here’s an example prompt answer:

I’ve run a marathon in three different countries, I can play classical piano, I’ve never seen a Star Wars movie.

Share unique experiences

Mentioning unique experiences can pique curiosity and make your profile stand out.

For example:

I once had dinner with a celebrity, I’ve been skydiving seven times, I’ve lived in the same house my entire life.

This gives information about your life while leaving room for questions and further conversation.

Add humor

A funny and unexpected answer can make your profile more enjoyable and attractive.

An example could be:

I’ve perfected the art of walking on my hands, I was once a professional juggler, I secretly love Justin Bieber’s music.

Injecting a bit of humor can keep things lighthearted and create a more engaging experience for your potential matches.

More prompt writing tips:

Balance your answers: Choose a mix of surprising, funny, and thought-provoking statements to keep your match guessing.

Make it personal: Share details that offer a glimpse into your personality and experiences.

Don’t be offensive: Avoid any statements that could be controversial or potentially hurtful.

Crafting Your Truths

When creating your truths for the ‘Two truths and a lie’ Hinge prompt, it’s important to be honest, yet intriguing.

Your answers should give your potential match a glimpse into your personality, interests, and values.

Start by considering facts about your life that represent your interests and hobbies. Think about fun facts about yourself that friends and strangers have found cool in the past.

For example, you might mention a unique skill or a memorable experience that showcases your adventurous side.

Be specific; instead of saying “I love traveling,” say something like “I’ve explored 15 countries in the past two years.”

*Pro tip: including a number in your truths or lie can be helpful (as seen in the example above).

Focus on conveying your personality traits or skills in a creative way.

This could involve mentioning your dedication to a particular sport or your proficiency in a language.

By showcasing your unique abilities in a succinct way, you’ll demonstrate confidence and mastery in an appropriate way.

Building an Engaging Lie

To create an engaging lie for this prompt, focus on incorporating humor, self-deprecation, and relatability.

Your lie should be believable, but not too obvious.

Start by brainstorming situations where you’ve experienced something funny or embarrassing.

Use a self-deprecating tone, as it helps to make the lie seem more true and relatable.

For example, instead of making up the lie of “I got attacked by a swarm of bees,” you could say, “I once mistook a beehive for a pinata at a friend’s party.”

This statement is less predictable, adds humor, and shows vulnerability. It’s more vivid, so it seems more believable.

Wordplay, situational comedy, or even sarcasm can add a unique spin to your lie and make it more memorable.

For instance, you could say, “I once played chess against a cat and lost.” This statement is absurd enough to capture attention, yet still brings a chuckle.

Another approach to writing a lie is to think of a truth and then turn it into a lie with a slight twist.

Let’s say you were once the official taste-tester for a ketchup company.

You could write as your lie that you were once the official taste-tester for a hot sauce company.

That sets you up well for your conversation with a match on Hinge, as you can explain that this is the lie and then say that it was really a hot sauce company.

That prevents the discovery of your lie from being disappointing.

Avoid These Prompt Answer Mistakes

Here are some mistakes to avoid when writing your two truths and a lie Hinge prompt.

Don’t be too obvious

Your prompt answer should be a challenge.

So, refrain from writing statements that might be too obvious or mundane.

Focus on sharing unusual or unexpected truths and lies.

Think about exciting experiences you’ve had or unique accomplishments, so the reader feels curious and invested in finding out which statement is false.

Balance your truths and the lie

Make that lie blend in with the two truths.

Keep your three statements balanced in terms of level of interest.

If the truths you choose are too extraordinary compared to your lie, it’ll be easy for others to guess the correct answer.

Similarly, if your lie is too elaborate, it may overshadow your true achievements.

Aim for balance between your three statements.

That’ll make it harder to guess the lie, while also painting a more rounded picture of your character.

More Example Answers to the ‘Two Truths and a Lie’ Hinge Prompt

Coming up with good answers for the “Two truths and a lie” prompt on Hinge is all about showcasing your hidden talents, wildest life experiences, playful and adventurous spirit, and general ability to turn any experience into a fun memory.

The key to answering this prompt is captivating storytelling and mind-blowing tidbits of information.

Here are some example prompt answers to get you thinking:

Two truths and a lie…

I’ve climbed a volcano in Costa Rica, I once met a famous celebrity in an elevator, I can speak five languages fluently.

I can ride a unicycle, I unintentionally photobombed a stranger’s wedding photos, I can beat any squirrel in a staring contest.

I’ve accidentally serenaded a flock of pigeons in the park, I’ve danced the Macarena at a funeral by mistake, I’ve tried to high-five a statue.

I had a dance-off with a street performer, I’ve mistaken a mannequin for a real person and struck up conversation, I speak 3 languages.

I’ve skydived over the Swiss Alps, I’m a certified scuba diver, I’ve eaten bugs in Southeast Asia.

I’ve hiked to the base camp of Mount Everest, I’ve swum with sharks in the Bahamas, I’ve backpacked through the Amazon rainforest.

I’ve had a conversation with my pet goldfish, I’m an interpretive dance expert, I can identify any song just by listening to the first two seconds.

I’ve mistaken a cactus for a comfy seat, I’ve accidentally walked into the wrong house and made myself a sandwich, I’m a state chess champion.

I’ve been featured in a local art exhibition, I’ve swum with dolphins in Hawaii, I’ve won a salsa dancing competition.

I’ve gone spelunking in a cave, I’ve been on a hot air balloon ride, I can juggle flaming bowling pins.

I once got stuck in an elevator, I’ve been mistaken for the same celebrity on three separate occasions, I’ve won a marshmallow-eating contest.

I’ve been the official taste-tester for a ketchup company, I’m a former US presidents’ distant cousin, I taught to teach my pet goldfish to do tricks.

I can recite the alphabet backward in under 5 seconds, I can solve a Rubik’s Cube with my eyes closed, I can balance a spoon on my nose.

I’ve performed stand-up comedy in front of 100 people, I’m a certified scuba diver, I can play the ukulele while hula hooping.

I can identify any dog breed just by looking at its tail, I’ve competed in a national yo-yo championship, I can paint hyper-realistic portraits of fruit.

I’ve won a competitive rock-paper-scissors tournament, I can recite pi to 100 decimal places, I’ve performed as a human statue on the streets of Europe.

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