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How to Answer the ‘Best Travel Story’ Hinge Prompt


Hinge is all about creating meaningful relationships by giving people a taste of your lifestyle, personality, and life experiences through your profile.

And when people travel, their true personality tends to come out. Plus, travel stories are often some of the most memorable and captivating of our lives.

That’s why “Best travel story” is one of the best Hinge prompts.

Understanding the ‘Best Travel Story’ Hinge Prompt

People’s travel stories often set the tone for great conversations on Hinge because they’re rich with history, personal narrative, emotion, humor, and awe.

The key to writing a good “Best travel story” prompt answer is captivating storytelling.

Your travel story should be … a story.

And a good one, filled with emotionally evocative language and vivid details.

When your answer to this prompt comes across as authentic and relatable, it becomes easier for others to connect with you, which leads to more matches and better conversations on Hinge.

4 Best Ways to Answer the ‘Best Travel Story’ Prompt on Hinge

1. Tell a STORY with Your Travel Experiences

Your travel story is ingrained in your own memory.

YOU know it well.

But that stranger swiping on Hinge doesn’t know anything about it.

So, you’ll need to wow them with a good storytelling experience.

Start by selecting a specific memorable experience from your travels.

This should be a unique moment that really stands out in your mind. Think about the emotions you felt, the location’s ambiance, the context, the leadup, and any surprising or eccentric encounters you had.

Next, paint a vivid picture for the reader by mentioning specific details, such as sights, sounds, or smells. Create a more immersive experience by hitting these sensory triggers.

See if you can conclude by dropping in a particular travel tip or life insight you learned or gathered along the way.

An example prompt answer here is:

Best travel story…

Taking a dip in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland surrounded by lava fields and geothermal steam. It felt like bathing in a natural spa on another planet.

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2. Show Personality

Use your unique experiences to showcase not just your love for travel but also your personality, values, and interests.

Think of travel experiences that made you laugh, situations that challenged you, or things that taught you something new.

Choose one that you believe best represents who you are and could potentially spark an interesting conversation with your matches.

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Some attractive personality traits that can get you more likes and matches on Hinge include demonstrating openness and adaptability to new experiences in your prompt answer.

Highlighting how your travel adventures have broadened your perspective or enhanced your appreciation for diverse cultures is a winning tip.

Here’s an example prompt answer that does this well:

Best travel story…

While backpacking through Switzerland, I took a last-minute train to a small village and participated in a traditional group dance.

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3. Incorporate Humor in Your Response

When answering the ‘Best travel story’ prompt on Hinge, it’s important to throw some humor and wit into your response.

If you can make someone laugh, they’re more likely to match with you and start a conversation.

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Consider using self-deprecating humor, which can make you seem more approachable and relatable.

Sharing a funny mishap or blunder that happened during your travels can show that you don’t take yourself too seriously and are fun to be around.

For example, you could share a story about accidentally ordering an unusual dish at a local restaurant or getting lost while exploring a new city.

It’s important to balance humor with substance in your response.

While it’s great to be entertaining and funny, also make sure your answer provides some insight into your personality and experiences.

An example funny prompt answer could be:

Best travel story…

I tried to impress a penguin by doing the moonwalk on an Antarctic expedition. Safe to say, the penguin was not amused.

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4. Strike a Balance between Honesty and Appeal

When you’re writing your prompt answer, you’ll want to strike a balance between honesty and appeal — genuine and captivating.

Be honest about your travel experiences.

Share a true story that holds personal significance and reflects your interests, values, and personality.

You don’t need to embellish the details or make up an adventure in an exotic location to impress others. Authenticity is often more attractive in the long run than an exaggerated tale.

As you tell your travel story, focus on aspects that showcase your unique qualities.

Highlight the moments that made the experience memorable from your point of view, whether it was an unexpected encounter, overcoming a challenge, or simply the breathtaking view.

This allows potential matches to better understand your character and what you value in life.

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What makes a travel story captivating on Hinge?

A captivating best travel story answer on Hinge should be engaging, entertaining, and reveal something unique about your personality or perspective.

It should say something other people haven’t heard before, or haven’t even imagined happening before.

Aim to inspire curiosity and spark conversation.

Share vivid details and emotions beyond just the dry facts of the matter.

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To make your travel story more psychologically evocative, see if you can include things like your interactions with locals, special or ritual experiences, or unexpected challenges you faced.

These aspects can make your travel story more relatable, culturally rich, and showcase your adaptability and willingness to embrace the unknown.

Focus on authenticity, originality, and well-crafted visual descriptions.

Draw people in with an intriguing opening and keep them engaged with a compelling narrative.

Share moments of vulnerability, humor, and growth to finish the story arc.

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More Example Answers to the ‘Best Travel Story’ Hinge Prompt

Coming up with good answers for the “Best travel story” prompt on Hinge is all about showcasing your playful side, adventurous spirit, and general ability to turn any experience into a fun memory.

The key to answering this prompt is captivating storytelling.

Here are some example prompt answers to get you thinking:

Best travel story…

Accidentally joining a llama yoga retreat in Peru. Downward dog with a llama? Not as zen as you’d think.

Zip-lining through the rainforest during a family vacation in Costa Rica, despite being afraid of heights.

Lost in the streets of Marrakech, a local guide saved the day, and we ended up sipping mint tea with a Berber family.

Exploring the vibrant streets of Tokyo during cherry blossom season.

Backpacking through Southeast Asia. From sleeping in treehouses in Thailand to exploring hidden temples in Cambodia, it was epic.

A spontaneous road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway. Stumbled upon hidden beaches, roadside diners, and stunning sunsets.

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Trekking through the Peruvian Andes to reach Machu Picchu at sunrise. The breathtaking view was worth every step.

Traveling solo to Italy, I found myself in a charming Tuscan village, where I joined a local pasta-making class.

Meeting a fellow traveler on a train in Switzerland and taking an impromptu hiking adventure in the Swiss Alps together.

Camping under the stars in the Sahara Desert. The silence and vastness of the dunes were awe-inspiring.

A spontaneous decision to attend a traditional Balinese wedding. I was welcomed with open arms into a local family’s celebration.

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Attempting to blend in with locals in Thailand by wearing an elephant costume. I think I stood out.

In Mexico, I accidentally challenged a local mariachi band to a dance-off. Spoiler alert: they won.

I once took a ‘shortcut’ through a vineyard in Italy and ended up in a grape-stomping contest.

Trying to impress a group of kangaroos in Australia with my hopping skills. I think they were just hopping mad.

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Here are some shorter ‘Best travel story’ prompt answers, for a more succinct profile:

Getting lost in Tokyo’s neon maze.

Surviving a wild safari in Africa.

Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

Experiencing Thai street food heaven.

Island hopping in Greece: pure magic.

Salsa dancing in the heart of Cuba.

Witnessing the Northern Lights in Iceland.

Road trip: coast to coast in the U.S.

Exploring ancient ruins in Petra, Jordan.

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What a Good ‘Best Travel Story’ Answer Can Do for You

The “Best travel story” prompt is an excellent choice for showcasing your adventurous spirit and sharing interesting stories from your travels.

Whether it’s about a memorable encounter, a wild experience, or a unique cultural moment, a good answer will pique curiosity and invites others to learn more about you.

Sharing a travel story highlights your passion for exploring new places and can pique the interest of potential matches who also love traveling.

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Now, your story doesn’t have to be about an exotic destination or a month-long journey.

It can be as simple as a memorable weekend getaway or a spontaneous road trip.

The key is to paint a vivid picture, allowing your reader to imagine themselves in your shoes, experiencing the adventure with you.

Your best travel story should not only showcase your adventurous spirit, but also reveal some insights into your personality and perspective on life.

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