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15 Ways to Get More Matches on Hinge [Updated 2024]


Getting few or no matches on Hinge is incredibly frustrating.

Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to change that.

How to Get More Matches on Hinge: 15 Ways

1. Optimize Your Profile Pictures

A strong set of profile pictures is essential for getting more matches on Hinge.

High-quality photos with good lighting can make a significant difference in how others perceive you.

Smile, make eye contact, and express yourself authentically through natural candid photos that don’t look too staged.

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Your first photo should be your best, most attractive photo, and your other five photos should complement it to show off different sides of your lifestyle, hobbies, interests, and life experiences.

Also, keep selfies to a minimum and avoid too many photos where you’re wearing sunglasses.

To discover your best photos to use in your Hinge profile, try our dating photo analyzer. We’ll do the work for you.

2. Use Three Engaging Hinge Prompts

Hinge prompts are short conversation starters designed to help you showcase your personality and break the ice with potential matches.

When writing prompt answers, avoid generic responses and instead aim to write something more engaging and unique that makes you stand out.

Tell stories and share info about your most unique, quirky, eccentric traits and interests.

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Also, see how you can show your sense of humor in at least one of your prompts if that’s your style.

Good Hinge prompts effectively start conversations with matches.

We’ve put together a list of the 10 best Hinge prompts with tips on how to write answers for each of them – check that list out here.

Want a professional Hinge profile writer to select three ideal prompts for you and write your prompt responses in an engaging and authentic way?

Then check out our dating profile writing service and select the Hinge app icon to get started.

3. Highlight Your Personality in Your Hinge Profile

To get more matches on Hinge, you’ll want to make sure that your profile highlights your personality and makes you seem like a unique individual.

Give a taste of your interests, hobbies, values, life experiences, and how you spend your time.

See if you can share life goals you have, whether related to your career, personal life, or dating life.

Avoid using cliché phrases or saying anything too vague. Be specific about what sets you apart from others.

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4. Understand the Hinge Algorithm

Hinge’s algorithm is designed to match you with compatible users based on your preferences, likes, dislikes, and dealbreakers.

According to wikiHow, the algorithm uses data from your profile and your interactions on the app to find people you’re likely to connect with.

The more you use the app and interact with other users, the more data you provide Hinge’s algorithm, which in turn helps improve your matches.

A key thing to understand is that having a complete profile on Hinge increases your visibility.

So, fill out as much as your profile as you can.

Hinge’s algorithm specifically takes into account how you answer your profile prompts, so you’ll want to write descriptive, unique answers to those prompts to maximize your success.

Swiping regularly on the app and being thoughtful, and a bit selective, about who you send likes to will help you use Hinge’s algorithm to boost your profile visibility and get more matches.

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5. Stay Active and Engaged on Hinge

Being active and engaging on Hinge can help you get more matches and improve your overall app experience.

One way to stay active on Hinge is to regularly update your profile now and then.

Every time you update your profile, Hinge’s algorithm receives more data, allowing it to better understand your preferences and update your profile visibility in the Discovery deck.

Liking and commenting on other people’s profiles can also help you out by providing more data points for the Hinge algorithm and notifying the app that you’re an active user, which the app tends to reward you for.

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But when swiping, be sure to swipe thoughtfully. Unlike other dating apps, Hinge wants users to be more selective with their swipes, so take time to look through people’s profiles and send your likes mindfully and selectively.

Lastly, be responsive on Hinge. When you receive a message or a like from someone, respond promptly to show Hinge’s algorithm that you’re an active user, which will help you get more matches on the app over time.

6. Start Strong with Your Opening Messages

When it comes to getting matches on Hinge, sending a good opening message is vital.

Taking the time to craft a personalized opener based on the other person’s profile will show your genuine interest in getting to know them.

Avoid generic messages such as “Hey” or “What’s up?”

Instead, try to ask open-ended questions that have to do with the person’s profile, such as one of their photos or a prompt answer.

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7. Write Effective Conversation Starters

To increase your chances of getting a response from someone, and therefore matching with them, send conversation starters that show your wit and personality.

Ask questions related to your potential match’s profile or commenting on a shared experience or preference you observe you two have in common.

Also, try using some humor in your opening messages when appropriate, as it can be a great icebreaker and create a lighthearted rapport.

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8. Focus on Shared Interests With Matches

Exploring shared interests is a crux of connecting with people on Hinge.

After all, any good “match” should be made up of two people who have some things in common.

As you look at potential matches, be attentive to any common hobbies, values, and experiences.

By identifying and discussing relatable topics, you’re more likely to establish a deeper connection and highlight similarity, which can potentially translate into a feeling of compatibility.

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9. Set Appropriate Age Preferences in Your Settings on Hinge

When using Hinge, set an appropriate age range for your potential matches.

Adjusting your age preferences can significantly impact the number of matches you receive.

Set minimum and maximum ages to your desired range with an open mind.

You’ll never know who you’ll vibe with, so it’s better to have a wider age range than to restrict yourself to a narrow range.

Plus, the wider the age range you select, the more possible people you can match with on Hinge.

10. Adjust Your Location Settings

Another tip to consider when trying to get more matches is setting your location preferences.

On Hinge, you can easily adjust your preferred distance from potential matches.

Keep in mind that increasing your maximum distance might lead to more matches, but it could also lead to matches who are less accessible for actually meeting up in person.

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11. Set Dealbreakers

Hinge allows users to set specific dealbreakers, which are preferences that can help filter out matches who don’t meet your dating requirements.

Examples of dealbreakers include smoking, wanting kids, and education level.

By setting realistic dealbreakers, you can effectively narrow down your matches to find those who align with your values and preferences.

Using dealbreakers thoughtfully can help you filter out incompatible matches and increase your match rate, as you’ll be sending likes to people you’re more likely to vibe with.

But, if your dealbreaker preferences are too selective, then you will be limiting how many matches you can get.

12. Be a Bit Picky about Potential Matches on Hinge

It’s important to be selective when swiping on potential matches.

Focus on finding people who you’re genuinely interested in and ideally who share your values and interests; this will lead to higher quality conversations and connections.

Spend more time looking at profiles, and try sending customized messages or roses to show strong interest in someone.

Taking the time to be picky will help you train Hinge’s algorithm to boost your profile visibility while also increasing your conversion rate of sending likes to getting matches.

Quality over quantity.

13. Recognize Red Flags in Hinge Profiles

When evaluating profiles, keep an eye out for red flags that could indicate a user is not looking for a genuine connection.

Some common red flags include profiles that include blurred photos or only selfies, incomplete profile information, and one-word prompt responses.

By paying attention to these signals and adjusting your swiping habits accordingly, you’ll increase your chances of attracting quality matches on Hinge.

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14. Utilize the Instagram Connection Feature on Hinge

Integrating your Instagram account with your Hinge profile can be a game-changer in increasing matches.

This connection is beneficial because it allows you to showcase more aspects of your life and personality, creating trust and authenticity with potential matches.

Up-to-date Instagram posts display your interests and experiences, providing potential matches with conversation starters and a look into your current lifestyle.

Also, a well-curated Instagram feed reflects an engaging and dynamic personality.

It shows that you’re active with your passions, hobbies, and social life, making you more attractive to potential matches.

15. Use the ‘We Met’ Feature on Hinge

The “We Met” feature on Hinge is a powerful tool to fine-tune your dating experience and feed the Hinge algorithm.

This feature asks for your feedback on how well the app has matched you someone once you’ve met them on a date.

The more feedback you provide, the better the Hinge algorithm can learn your preferences and set up higher-quality matches in the future.

Each time you go on a date with a match from Hinge, use the “We Met” feature right away.

Hinge uses this feedback confidentially, solely to enhance your matching experience, so don’t worry about your match finding out what you say.

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